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Gaming classic Gridrunner now available on Facebook

Eidos New Media unleashes all-new version of Jeff Minter's classic for Flash users and Facebook

One of the classic 'old skool' games is to be given a new lease of life, as Eidos New Media unleashes an updated version of Jeff Minter's classic Gridrunner for the Flash community this week.

Converted to Flash by developer Cheeky, Gridrunner++ is an all-action blaster which is to be released to Flash users via Eidos New Media's Gimme5games.com label, and marks the first time a Jeff Minter game has been released in such a way. Gimme5games.com has also unveiled a unique link with popular social networking site Facebook, for a specially-created version of Gridrunner++ which can be added to the user's home page ( http://apps.facebook.com/gridrunner/).

Non-Facebookers can check out the game at: http://www.gimme5games.com/index.jsp?id=grid

Recreating key elements of the Minter original, Gridrunner++ is a psychedelic shoot 'em up, where the player roars through a series of colourful stages unleashing a torrent of lasers upon the incessant alien attacks. The game demands rapid reactions and pin-point accuracy as you try to stay alive.

The original Gridrunner was created by the legendary Jeff Minter through his home-grown Llamasoft label. Under the Llamasoft banner, Minter produced a series of games from the early 80s to present day and has created a wealth of surreal, off-the-wall and ground-breaking titles.

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About Eidos New Media

Eidos New Media is a division of Eidos Interactive Ltd, created in 2003 to focus on emerging platforms and technologies. The division has successfully launched award-winning mobile games based on a number of Eidos' intellectual properties including: Tomb Raider, Hitman, Championship Manager, and Thief along with a host of other licensed titles. Eidos New Media also distributes games through digital distribution via its own sites and partner channels as either individual consumer downloads or subscription services. In 2007 Eidos New Media acquired mobile development and content providers Rockpool Games, Ironstone Partners and SoGoPlay, online distribution specialist Bluefish Media and award-winning mobile and casual games developer Morpheme Game Studios to strengthen internal company resource and expertise.

About Eidos Interactive Ltd

Eidos Interactive Ltd is part of SCi Entertainment Group Plc (SEG) one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software. Eidos consists of publishing operations across Europe and the US and several development studios including Crystal Dynamics, IO Interactive, Beautiful Game Studios, Eidos Studios Hungary, Eidos Sweden and Pivotal Games. The Group has a valuable combined portfolio of intellectual property including: Tomb Raider, Hitman, Deus Ex, Championship Manager, Carmageddon, Battlestations: Midway, the Conflict series and Just Cause.

About Cheeky

Cheeky is a pseudonym for veteran coder Mark Ripley. Previously CEO of Cheeky Wireless and Friendly Giants, developers of internet and mobile phone games, Mark now specialises in developing games for emerging formats such as Flash and Facebook.

About Llamasoft

Founded in 1982 by Jeff Minter, Llamasoft quickly established a reputation for producing games rich in originality, adrenaline-pumping action, quirky humour and digital ungulates. Over the years Llamasoft has released over 30 games on nearly 20 platforms, garnering plenty of awards along the way.

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