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GameTribe Easter events

DOMO, Kicks, Infinity and Dekaron filling with rabbits, eggs and the rest of it.

GameTribe is happy to announce that all GT games will see dedicated events during a fabulous GameTribe Easter Week, to be held from April 8th to April 15th.

DOMO fans will enjoy a special Easter quest and get a Rabbit costume and a Rabbit Sealed Hero title!

Players will also find an Easter goodie bag including

- an amazing Rabbit and Playboy outfits,

- a brand new goodie bag which holds a lot of Magic Carpets, Ice Crystals and Butterfly Wings

- a new Special Riding Pet goodie bag with Flying PuPu and Wild Flying PuPu.

Finally, great offers in the game store for the whole Easter week! A great 30% discount will be applied to all DOMO costumes!

In celebration of Easter, KICKS with held a dedicated 1-week event.

- Rabbit costumes for girls and boys will be available in the game shop,

- together with a Rabbit doll

- and Yellow, Green and Pink Chocolate Eggs applying special endurance, steal, tackle and keeping bonus!

Gamers will also enjoy a whole week of double exp and get 25% discount off all their purchases at the game shop.

INFINITY fans will celebrate Easter with a special double exp event and a huge 30% discount on all items through the entire Easter week!

Finally, an amazing double exp, double drop and 20% discount week off all items has been scheduled for DEKARON players!

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