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UK-focused mail-out from provides retail news, analysis and data, a weekly newsletter from the publisher of and, has launched today.

The free mail-out, available in printer-friendly PDF format, is aimed at the retail business in the UK and provides a compelling mix of news, analysis and data for the sector.

The first edition, released today in association with Ghostbusters: The Videogame, has a dedicated mailing list of retail and publishing professionals, and includes a look at the buzz around the E3 press conferences using data from, as well as a comparison of the anticipation surrounding key titles announced there.

It also features UK chart data, a comparison of retail prices for new releases, as well as the most-read Eurogamer articles and a break-down of popular titles by Metacritic and UK average scores.

"We're really pleased to launch into the marketplace," said David Lilley, business development manager for the Eurogamer Network. "We've spoken to a wide cross-section of retail businesses in the UK and they've all told us that this is a service they're hugely interested in. It's fantastic to be able to provide that insight." is available for free to anybody working in the videogames business with a Network account - simply log in and follow the on-screen instructions on the Network preferences page.

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