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Gamecock co-founders start new publishing company

Serious Sam HD will be the first game in Devolver Digital's portfolio

Two of the key people responsible for the setting up of publishing companies Gathering of Developers and Gamecock have now started a new venture called Devolver Digital.

Mike Wilson and Harry Miller confirmed that they, "along with a few other old friends", are behind the new Texas-based production and publishing company, which will be working alongside cdv Software Entertainment to release Serious Sam HD onto PC and XBLA later this year.

Wilson told "We're basically acting as the production company for the XBLA game, since we are not an official Microsoft publisher yet, and will be publishing the PC version of the games."

Gathering of Developers previously published Croteam's Serious Sam games back in 2001 and Wilson clarified: "Croteam owns the IP still since they had a G.O.D. deal, and are therefore able to work with us again on the new version."

Gamecock was founded in 2007, during which time it published Dementium: The Ward and Fury, before being acquired by SouthPeak Interactive the following year.

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