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Game studio Triple Topping is now bankrupt

CEO Astrid Refstrup said that plans are being made for its title Dead Pets Unleashed, which is slated for a 2024 release

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Indie game studio Triple Topping has announced that its staff has become redundant due to going bankrupt.

In the announcement, CEO Astrid Refstrup attributed the decision to 2023 being difficult year for the developer.

On social media, Refstrup said, "Running a studio is a privilege, a power position, an enormous responsibility, and for this last year, I was not able to live up to that without consequence to the team I was leading. For the team and partners of the studio: I’m sorry."

"Over the past eight years, we set a new standard for work ethics in the industry and told amazing stories with our games."

Triple Topping was established in 2017 by Resdtrup and Simon Stålhandske. It has released titles such as Spitkiss, Ynglet, and Welcome to Elk.

Redstrup added, "For our games, Welcome to Elk, Ynglet, and Dead Pets Unleashed; good plans are being made and will be shared when ready."

Dead Pets Unleashed was announced with a release window of 2024.

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