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Free Zombie Hero – Kill Angry War Ninja

Designed to be "the world's most wanted iPhone game" based on The Game Trail search words.

Stockholm, Sweden – 2010-07-27

Ever wondered what iPhone gamers really want?

Cracking gameplay? Well naturally.

Lush graphics and special effects? But of course.

Innovative ideas? Sure!

Obviously all of these things are essential to any great game, but to stand out as truly exceptional you need to package them up in such a way that really captures the zeitgeist.

And that’s precisely what Fabrication Games have done with their latest release, which they are confidently predicting is ‘the most wanted iPhone game ever’.

Taking newly released data from The Game Trail, a unique video-based app-discovery app which allows gamers to watch games in action before they buy, Fabrication games have been able to see exactly what it was that most players were searching for. Based on the most popular search strings Fabrication Games came up with an idea for a game.

The resulting title; Free Zombie Hero – Kill Angry War Ninja is now available on the App Store for free.

President of Fabrication Games, Tommy Palm, explains, “I have always been curious to know what games are most sought after and thanks to The Game Trail we now have that data available and we’ve made use of it.”

Obviously Fabrication haven’t been able to combine all of the search terms, both for practical and licensing issues, as Tommy continues to detail. “Basically we saw a challenge in making a game on the request of the search strings. We would have loved to make a Free Mario Zombie game but I am not convinced Nintendo would have appreciated that so much. So we removed all the trademark words from our new game. That way we still got the world’s most sought after game per definition. The entire team was thrilled by the idea and we squeezed in this production on our spare time in parallel to our normal projects.”

Screenshots for Free Zombie Hero – Kill Angry War Ninja can be downloaded from http://www.thegametrail.com/press and the game is available for download here http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/free-zombie-hero-kill-angry/id383047803?mt=8.

The Game Trail is also available for free download from the app store and the most-searched data is available on request (see graph below for a sample).

The Game Trail search words statistics.

About Fabrication Games

Fabrication Games was founded after a MBO of Jadestones Mobile department. The focus is development of high quality mobile games and digitally distributed platforms. The team has been fabricating mobile games since 2001 and won nine international awards in competitions like IMGA and IGF Mobile. Fabrication Games owns IPs such as Spirits, Kodo and World In War. It is privately owned and located in Stockholm, Sweden.

About The Game Trail

The Game Trail, a product of Swedish mobile developer Fabrication Games, was created in order to guide iPhone game shoppers down the right path to the highest quality titles available. Featuring video trailers, reviews, and unbiased rankings, The Game Trail database adds new games every day. With easy access to video trailers and reviews on The Game Trail app, App Store buyers’ regret is a thing of the past.

Media Contact:

Tommy Palm

President & Game Designer


Cell: +46 706 933 433 (CET)

email: tommy.palm@fabricationgames.com

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