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Free OnLive console with game pre-orders

Homefront promotion grants free $99 hardware

A limited time promotion for THQ's upcoming Homefront will allow U.S. customers who pre-order the game to receive a free OnLive gaming system worth $99.

Customers who pre-order the forthcoming first person shooter between 25 February and 14 March will receive a free set-top box, excluding taxes and shipping costs. The website promotion also includes instant access to 2010 title Metro 2033 via OnLive.

"This is a watershed event: It's the first time a game system has ever been given away with the purchase of a game," said OnLive founder and CEO Steve Perlman.

"Homefront is one of the biggest games coming out this quarter, and we wanted gamers to see just how incredible is to have the hottest title playable with the instant-play, massive spectating experience on their HDTV that is only possible through OnLive."

Unlike rival cloud computing service Gaikai, which today announced availability in 12 countries worldwide, OnLive does use a small set-top box as a remote server - and as a base for the system's bespoke controller.

OnLive recently launched a new $10 monthly subscription service, which allows unrestricted access to the system's 38 different titles. These include games from publishers including THQ, Take-Two Interactive and Square Enix.

British Telecom has the exclusive rights to the OnLive service in the UK, with other regional deals expected in other parts of the world.

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