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Fingersoft implementing six-hour working day

Having trialled it alongside the four-day week, the Finnish studio settled on shorter working days as it "showed more benefits for employees"

Image credit: Fingersoft's CEO Jaakko Kylmäoja

Finnish mobile game studio Fingersoft announced that it will now offer a six-hour working day option to its employees, for 90% of their full salary.

The company experimented with the four-day week and the six-hour working day five days a week throughout 2021 and 2022. About 50% of its workforce of 110 people took part in the experiment, with employees given the choice between the two options and the results surveyed by a third-party.

In its announcement, Fingersoft said that "the six-hour days showed more benefits for employees," which is why it decided to adopt it permanently.

Fingersoft's CEO Jaakko Kylmäoja said: "The two-part working time experiment we conducted in 2021–2022 proved that there are ways to significantly improve the well-being of employees while the level of productivity remains the same, or even increases.

"The now introduced permanent welfare benefit gives employees the means to better balance their work and free time. In terms of productivity, we have noticed that the better our employee’s well-being is, the more valuable his or her work contribution and impact on the atmosphere of our workplace is."

Fingersoft was among several companies we talked to last year about their experiments with the four-day work week and the lessons they've learnt.

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