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European Battlegrounds publisher announced

Diversions Entertainment has announced a deal with GMX Media that secures European publishing rights for the forthcoming online multiplayer fighting title One Must Fall: Battlegrounds.

About the deal Judy Elam, Business Manager and CEO of Diversions Publishing, stated that "We are very confident in GMX's abilities to bring One Must Fall: Battlegrounds to the top in Europe." Diversions Publishing - a sister company of Diversions Entertainment - will be co-publishing Battlegrounds in North America with Tri Synergy, while Manaccom will take care of Australian publishing duties, and finally 1C in Russia.

As well as being playable offline, Diversions will make game servers available for Battlegrounds, a title that promises "a serious change in the philosophy" of fighting games and features 16 simultaneous players doing battle in large arenas. Players will also be able to start their own servers or play over Local Area Networks.

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