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EU: Games can be beneficial for children

Report praises games for encouraging team work and creativity

A European Union report has concluded that videogames can have beneficial effects on children, encouraging creativity and co-operation.

The study by the European Parliament Committee, which runs counter to the hysteria usually associated with the violent reputation of many titles, found a number of benefits and no definitive link to violent behaviour.

"Videogames are in most cases not dangerous and can even contribute to the development of important skills," said Toine Manders, who drafted the report, according to Reuters.

"(They stimulate) learning of facts and skills such as strategic reflection, creativity, cooperation and a sense of innovation,"

Furthermore, the report urged member states of the EU to adopt the Pegi rating system rather than suggesting any further restrictions on games.

In the UK, the industry regulated content ratings system has come under pressure from the government backed BBFC following the release of the Byron report.

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James Lee