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Epic: Gears of War 2 not coming to PC

Upcoming title will remain an Xbox 360 exclusive, as the developer focuses on console gaming

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski has revealed that Gears of War 2 will not see a release on the PC, therefore remaining an Xbox 360 exclusive - unlike its predecessor.

Speaking to IGN, Bleszinski explained that the title was "first and foremost" for the Xbox 360 and that a PC version of the title was not planned.

"Gears of War is a great franchise first and foremost for Xbox 360, and therefore we're focusing on that platform for Gears of War 2. We've decided we're not going to do a PC version this time around," he explained.

This news comes shortly after Epic's President, Michael Capps, expressed dismay that the PC version of Gears of War received a lower review score than the Xbox 360 version, telling MundoRare "I think that's bullsh*t, and I don't understand it."

Earlier this year, Bleszinski commented that PC gaming is in "disarray" and that Epic's focus would be on developing for consoles instead.

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