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Epic Games launches minor-specific user accounts

Cabined Accounts require parental consent to access features such as voice chat and the ability to purchase games

Epic Games is launching Cabined Accounts, new minor-specific accounts for playing online and multiplayer games.

The service is intended to be safe and inclusive for children that use the gaming platform and digital storefront.

When underaged players log into the Epic Games store or game launcher their account will become a Cabined Account. They will then be prompted to provide their guardian's or caretaker's email for parental consent.

Parent permission will be necessary for young users access to various services such as:

  • Using voice chat
  • Purchasing items for money
  • Linking their user accounts to apps and or social media
  • Purchasing and downloading games

Additionally, minors can still navigate the Epic Game Store launcher and their library but the above features will be restricted until persmission from a guardian is given.

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