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Epic Games incentivizes developers to release older titles on its digital store

Studios and publishers can earn 100% of revenue for six months with Now on Epic program

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Epic Games has unveiled Now on Epic, which will allow companies that bring their existing titles to the Epic Game Store to earn 100% of their revenue during the first six months.

The program is eligible for products launched on third-party PC or subscription services before October 31, 2023.

After six months, Epic Games will take its standard 12% cut of earnings.

Developers can enroll in the program until December 31, 2024. All eligible products must be launched on the Epic Games Store by June 30, 2025.

Among the requirements for Now on Epic, the company said, "If you have three or more products on a third-party store or third-party subscription service, you must bring at least three of them to Epic Games Store. If you have less than three, you must bring all of those products to Epic Games Store."

Titles that have been released as Early Access are also eligible for Now on Epic.

The news comes nearly two months after Epic Games announced its opt-in First Run Program, which also allows creators to make 100% of their revenue during the first six months of release.

It allows for games released on mobile or consoles to be sold through other third-party stores, provided they use the Epic Games Store's keyless distribution system.

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