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Enterbrain denies Hamamura's alleged DS predictions

Japanese publisher issues a statement countering report by Bloomberg

Enterbrain has distanced itself from a story by Bloomberg that claimed its president Hirokazu Hamamura said Nintendo would use E3 to showcase a redesigned DS, a rumour Nintendo has strongly denied.

The Japanese company, which publishes games magazine Famitsu, issued a statement flatly denying the predictions attributed to their president.

"No such statement or announcement was made by the president," the company said.

The statement claimed that Hamamura actually told Bloomberg that he would continue to pay attention to the direction the DS was going in and that he had high expectations for this year's E3.

"He did not, however, make a comment about the possibility of an announcement by Nintendo concerning a new model or successor to the Nintendo DS due to its current scarce product availability caused by its worldwide popularity," the company added.

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