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"Incredibly fast paced" 2D scrolling shooter available to download for the PC.

Product: Emotigeddon

Developer: Heatbeam Software

Game Type: 2D side scrolling shooter

Format: PC downloadable

Price: $12.99 (U.S.), € 9.99 (EU), £9.99 (UK)

Heatbeam Software, a newly formed company, specializing in innovative action games has recently released its first game, Emotigeddon.

Emotigeddon is an incredibly fast paced 2D side scrolling shooter which is set in a digital world called Electopia. Its inhabitants are the emoticons used by people in their instant messaging conversations. Recently, people have started using too many unhappy smiley faces, and the unhappy faces have grown strong. The unhappy faces have begun taking over the happy faces, and sadness and anger have spread throughout Electopia. It is emoticon armageddon.

Players assume the role of the leader of the Happy rebellion, and their mission is to restore balance by fighting the unhappy faces. The players have powerful weaponry at their disposal with which to restore the balance.

Players also have a weapon know as “The Swarm”. When activated, this will summon in friendlies who will aid players in their fight for a short time. The Swarm can be used during difficult situations, to even the odds. Friendlies will arrive and fight on your side, increasing your chances of success.

Players also have a grappling hook, which can be used to pull themselves around the world at staggering speeds. Players can also get boosts of speed by skilfully firing explosive weapons on the ground near them, using the force of the explosion to propel them. Making use of explosions and the grappling hook, it is possible for a player to reach amazing speeds.

Players will often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies attacking them at any one time. There are strategically vital enemies who keep give birth to even more enemies, so these must be target first in order to make the fights easier to cope with.

In order to succeed, players will have to make use of the respawning health and ammo placed around the world. In Emotigeddon, battles are often fought against waves of enemies in the same area for a long period of time, so picking up respawning resources is vital.

Emotigeddon also features a speed running campaign, which challenges the player to complete specially designed race levels as fast as they possibly can. Players must use the grappling hook, their explosive weapons and the low gravity to their advantage to shave vital seconds off their times.

Emotigeddon features:

Insane combat, with swarms of enemies vying to destroy you. 4 hours of gameplay, with more levels on the way. Unique graphical style, with clean, smooth graphics. Fast, slick movement, with low gravity, a grappling hook, and explosive weapons which boost your speed when fired at nearby surfaces. A unique resource system, where respawns must be picked up to keep health and ammo topped up. A speed running campaign. Complete race levels as fast as possible.

The game costs $12.99, €9.99 or £9.99.

Find more info and download the free demo at:


About Heatbeam Software

Heatbeam Software develops games for the PC, with plans to move into development for handheld devices, such as the iPhone. Heatbeam Software aims to make innovative and unique games, with a special focus on adrenaline filled action games. Created in September 2008, Heatbeam has currently released just one game, Emotigeddon. Currently Heatbeam Software publishes all of its own games and uses online distribution.


Aldwyn Rhys Griffiths

Director (Heatbeam Software LTD)

E-Mail: rhys.griffiths@heatbeam.com

Tel: +44 0208 777 6389

Mobile: +44 07769816483


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