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Double Loop Games shutting down

Mobile studio cites "very hostile funding and marketing environment"; most of staff picked up by Scopely

Mobile studio Double Loop Games is calling it quits after four years.

As reported by Game Developer, Double Loop co-founder Emily Greer announced the closure in a post on LinkedIn.

"[Double Loop co-founder] Shelby Moledina and I are so proud of the team, culture, and games we've built in that time," Greer said. "Unfortunately, like many other small studios in 2023, we struggled to break through in a very hostile funding and marketing environment, particularly for mobile games."

Greer said most of the Double Loop team is moving to Scopely to work on a new project in its casual GSN studio, although four developers were not extended an offer "as Scopely already had those positions filled."

Greer added that she and Moledina are taking some time before deciding the next step in their careers, though both are planning to be at the Game Developers Conference in March.

Double Loop was announced in February of 2020 with the goal of creating mobile titles for people who don't see themselves as gamers. As Greer told us later that year, the word "casual" is often applied to that market, but she sees it as a misnomer.

"If you're playing an hour on average per day or six hours a week, that's not casual," Greer said at the time. "It's a barrier to fully understanding how people are playing and what they need and what they want."

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