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Don't sell out, advises Jobling

The Eutechnyx director of business development tells independent companies to resist acquisition and hold out for the good times

Darren Jobling, director of business development at Eutechnyx, has advised developers against selling their companies, telling them to remain independent because conditions are on the cusp of improving.

Speaking to an audience at the GameHorizon conference, Jobling told the crowd that more money was being diverted from the movie industry to be invested in games and that independent studios should resist being bought.

"Trying to get the game financed was a disaster...but there has certainly been a huge shift and it's much easier," Jobling explained.

"We've been waiting 20 years to get to this point, we're on the crest of the wave, which is why I don't understand why so many developers are selling their companies - if they just held out for a little bit longer."

Eutechnyx is widely known as a developer of racing games and the company is currently working on the forthcoming racer Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli for the PlayStation 3.

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