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DL Multimedia expansion

Madrid-based localization outfit opens studio in Latin America.

Madrid, 27 February 2009 - Dubbing & Localisation Multimedia, a leading dubbing and localisation company based in Madrid, Spain, announces the opening of brand new studios in Colombia to provide Spanish adaptations for the Latin American market.

“With over 13 years experience in translation, dubbing and subtitling of audiovisual and interactive content, DL is the leading service provider in its field in Spain today. Our aim is to reach the same position in Colombia soon and I believe we are well positioned to achieve this” declares Tino Martin, CEO and founder of DL Multimedia.

“The market requires cost-efficient but quality, professional solutions for the dubbing of audiovisual and interactive content. DL Multimedia’s positioning will without a doubt make our Colombian studios a success: our ambition is always to provide the best quality at the very best price. From what we have seen nobody offers such quality with such cost-effective results” declares Emma Kreuz, marketing director of DL Multimedia.

About DL Multimedia

Entirely dedicated to the translation, dubbing and subtitling of videogames, software, TV, video, film and mobile content, DL Multimedia ( www.dl-multimedia.com) customers include renown companies such as MTV, Sony Computer Entertainment, Vivendi Universal, Canal +, Buena Vista, Hasbro, Pearson, Warner Bros, Microsoft and Blizzard Entertainment among others.

For more information please contact

Emmanuelle Kreuz


Phone +34 617 361 226

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