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Developer arrested at Roblox Developer Conference

Roblox Innovation Awards cancelled in response to safety concerns

Organisers called off the Roblox Innovation Awards on Saturday following the arrest of a developer.

The event was part of the company's ninth annual Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco, which took place over the weekend.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, jail records show developer Mikhail Olson, known as Simbuilder, was arrested on suspicion of having an unattended concealed firearm in his vehicle in addition to being in "possession of armour-piercing ammunition and a large capacity magazine."

Security at the conference alerted local police after an attendee was acting "disorderly."

"We are working with all appropriate authorities and everyone is safe," Roblox said on X. "We take safety very seriously. This is not how we wanted RDC to end."

A Roblox spokesperson told the San Francisco Chronicle that the company wasn't sharing any more details about the incident.

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