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Develop session to add more detail to PS3 motion system

Colin Hughes and Kish Hirani set to provide PlayStation and controller overview

New details on sessions for this year's Develop conference have been released, with delegates set to find out more about the PlayStation 3's new motion controller, first unveiled at E3 this year.

The keynote talk from SCEE's Kish Hirani and Colin Hughes, entitled "PlayStation: Cutting Edge Technologies," will look at the current state of the PlayStation platforms, as well as providing new information on the controller and forthcoming PS3 and PlayStation Portable titles.

Also at the event will be a session hosted by Intel, exploring the new Larrabee architecture and what new opportunities the hardware firm hopes it will bring, while Krome's CEO Robert Walsh will give a talk on seven key practices for shipping a title on time and on budget.

And UK design legends David Braben and Dave Jones will go head-to-head in looking back at the inspirations for Elite and Grand Theft Auto, and talk about some of the creative decisions involved in the iconic titles.

This year's Develop Conference is taking place in Brighton from July 14-16, and will have more news and features on the event in the next few weeks.