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Crowd-sourced indie game fund launches

8-bit Funding is games-only take on Kickstarter; takes 5% cut of all donations

A new crowdfunding service has launched, dedicated to providing investment to independent games. 8-bit Funding, founded by boss Geoff Gibson, is broadly analogous to Kickstarter, a digital funding initiative for which games have perhaps not been a high priority.

Says the project, "after experiencing and noticing the discrepancies against gaming related projects on other crowdfunding websites, the idea for 8-Bit Funding was born."

Unlike Kickstarter, the service is also international.

Explained Gibson, "a developer will create a project with a video, description, and perks. They will then market that project to their fans, friends, and family in an attempt to secure funds for their project. The idea is that people will like the project, see what they can get via perks and then contribute accordingly."

Both the site and PayPal take a cut of all donations, so "on a $20 funding contribution you'll receive $18.16 of that."

If a project runs aground for any reason before reaching half its requested donations, the money will be refunded. If development stutters after that period, the game-makers must decide whether refunds are given or to attempt to finish the project, with 8-bit Funding then taking a larger cut.

The dozen or so games on the site so far are asking for investment as low as $1000 and as high as $20000. Donations are small for the time being, with current leader being Cardinal Quest at $1195 of its requested $6000.

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