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Cosmic Encounter Online Launches the WILL Alien 33


The Will, alien 33, has sailed into Cosmic Encounter Online. The addition of the Will gives Cosmic Online 40,920 alien game combinations. The Will features the power of choice which enables it to ignore Destiny and go where it wants.

Members will get to play the new alien at once since the game matches players with aliens they have not yet played. Will is one of the Expansion Set 3 aliens from the original Eon Products Cosmic Encounter board game according to Peter Olotka, Cosmic Encounter designer.

The Will History: Arising on a cold and barren asteroid, the Wills gave no thought to the legal niceties in their relentless struggle to capture the faint rays of a dying star. Unfairly charged with preying on the weak, they wish only to find locations in which they may spread their solar membranes, unopposed.

Next Feature: The Cosmic designers have started on the next Cosmic Online feature, 'Combo Rooms' which feature games with special preset alien combinations.

Cosmic Encounter Online numbers 2/22/06

33 aliens

40,920 game combinations

56,519 free player joins

165,180 complete games played

Cosmic Encounter Online is the multiplayer online game where players have their marginal human brains augmented by alien intelligence. For up to date Cosmic Encounter Online News add cosblog to your RSS reader.



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