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Console gaming is "dying" says Angry Birds boss

Rovio head rails against "casual games" label and home console pricing model

Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka has claimed that console games are "dying", as he criticised both the full price console games model and the "casual" games label.

Speaking at the South by Southwest Interactive conference, as reported by VentureBeat, Vesterbacka claimed that innovation in the industry was now focused on mobile and social gaming.

Vesterbacka suggested this was because mobile games developer are more "nimble" and able to develop and release new content more quickly. The current pricing model for home console games came in for particular criticism, especially given the difficulty in upgrading the games.

The Rovio boss also complained about the label "casual games", arguing that Angry Birds was just as involving and addictive as any other.

On the subject of a business model for mobile gaming Vesterbacka admitted that, "No one has figured it out yet." He suggested that Rovio would continue to experiment with different models for different games.

Rovio has now seen 100 million downloads for Angry Birds, the majority of which are for the free version of the game. The company also recently announced a $42 million funding deal led by venture capitalist firm Accel Partners.

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