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CMA to restart cloud gaming probe in January

UK Court of Appeal to allow further investigation into Apple and Google's dominance in the emerging sector

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The UK's Competition and Markets Authority will resume its investigation into the mobile browser and cloud gaming sectors on January 24.

The regulator's probe was held back in May due to complaints from Apple and Google, alongside a disagreement with the UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal.

However, Apple missed its deadline to object.

This follows after the regulator continued its inquiry in October into whether Apple and Google are dominant to the point that they are impeding competition in mobile web browsers.

In November 2022, the CMA announced that it would launch a Phase 2 investigation into the business practices of the tech giants, including Apple restricting cloud gaming on iOS.

Cloud gaming concerns were the CMA's largest issues when it blocked Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Microsoft then offered an updated deal where it sold its Activision Blizzard could gaming rights to Ubisoft.

Since then, the UK regulator has approved the deal and giving it the green light.

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