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Cityville becomes Zynga's best launch ever

Over 290,000 Facebook users play in first 24 hours

Cityville, the latest Facebook game from Zynga, has become the company's most successful launch ever, with 290,000 people playing it over the first 24 hours.

The launch has more than doubled the number of users seen during the launch of Frontierville, which at 116,000 had been Zynga's previous record holder. Six and a half million players now log in to Frontierville every day.

Venturebeat reports that Cityville already has 916,799 monthly active players, with tracking site AppData counting 251,860 new users registering yesterday alone.

Cityville launched earlier this month, both on Facebook on off-site, in five different languages, making it Zynga's first international launch.

The new record will be welcome news for Zynga, as AppData reports that the company has lost several million users in the past two quarters, slipping from 260 million to 193.8 million users since spring.