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Each player gets a profile page to make their very own.

(By Gregory Champoux, Community Manager for Cities XL).

There’s more to Cities XL than ‘just’ a game, there’s also an extensive website at the center of which is your page. Your Profile page is your personal space on the Cities XL website; it reflects you, your activities, your friends, and as part of the Planet Offer, your cities of course.

Solo players?... Not that alone!

The Cities XL website and many other community websites demonstrated how devoted city builder fans are, so we decided that it would be great if we could continue to support this community after the release of the game. Therefore, every Cities XL player, including Solo players, will have his/her own profile page on the Cities XL website.

This page is first and foremost designed to identify you and differentiate yourself from other players. So when you'll create your Avatar with the Avatar Studio to visit your cities, it will be automatically uploaded to your page as well as each time you’ll modify it. Right below you’ll find a dedicated space to write a short text that describes you, your mood of the day, or simply express what you are currently doing in the game…

You will then be part of the Cities XL community and a community is no use if you don't communicate with other players. You’ll then be free to create your own friends network as you would do with any other Social Network website such as Facebook or Myspace.This friends list will help you find their profile page easily to read what's happening to them in the game and contact them via private messages.

...And if you want, there's more!

So, now you know that we will be offering a profile page to every Cities XL player even for Solo players. Now, Solo players will have their cities hosted on their own computer, in their harddrive while players that subscribe to the Planet Offer will have their cities in our servers to ensure all the visit, trade and other MMO features.

Therefore, players who will subscribe to the Planet Offer will have some other information and features available on their profile page: it will be your permanent link to the game.

It allows you not only to take part in the community’s life, along with the Solo players, but also to play even when you are not in front of the PC on which you installed the game. If you are part of the Planet Offer, whether you are on holidays, in a cybercafe or at work, you can join the community and act on your cities in a matter of minutes.

You will be informed in real time of everything that is happening around your game. That way, if one of the contracts signed with your friends somehow becomes invalid because one of the cities involved is unable to provide the required resources, you will be notified right away and will be able to react directly from your profile page. For instance by contacting your friend and having him solve the situation , or by obtaining another contract from another city to make up for the lack of resources.

With this page we wanted to give players a full set of information and tools that will allow them to interact with their cities and with other players from anywhere and at any time.

Whether you have to stay in contact with your friends, manage your Blueprints and Megastructures, manage your contracts or publish your City Journal, the web site will be your daily friend in the Cities XL community.

We will soon talk in detail about all these functionalities in an upcoming blog entry. Until then, we invite you to share your comments and suggestions with us.


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