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Chris Metzen is appointed to executive creative director of Warcraft

He takes on the role in under a year after returning to Blizzard Entertainment

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Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Chris Metzen has been named as executive creative director of Warcraft.

The news comes nine months after he returned to the company as a creative advisor on the Warcraft team. He returned to the studio six years after retiring.

In the announcement on social media, Blizzard said, "Right now, his main focus is supporting our World of Warcraft leadership in crafting the next generation of adventures.

"Chris was instrumental in developing the foundations of the Warcraft universe, and we are thrilled for him to rejoin our team in shaping what’s to come."

Metzen originally joined the video game studio in 1994, and before his exit in 2016, he served as senior vice president of creative development.

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