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Capcom ramps up Nintendo Switch production following Street Fighter success

Publisher says sales of poorly received fighter was a 'smash hit'

Capcom is increasing its slate of Switch releases following the success of Ultra Street Fighter II.

The game was poorly received by critics when it arrived in May, although primarily due to its high price. Capcom stated at the time that it will monitor the game's performance in terms of its support for Switch and, despite the critical challenges, Capcom says the game has had "an excellent start and proved to be a smash hit".

Now Wall Street Journal writer Takashi Mochizuki says that Capcom sold 450,000 units of the game, and that Capcom is now preparing "multiple Switch-version titles". This suggests ports of Capcom's catalogue titles, although it's not clear if the firm is suggesting other old products (like Street Fighter II) or ports of more recent releases, such as Resident Evil 7, which may require more development time.

Capcom has been one of the few big third-party supporters of Nintendo products, particularly on 3DS with the Monster Hunter series. It has one other Switch title planned in the form of Monster Hunter XX, while the next full Monster Hunter release is scheduled for Xbox One and PS4.

The publisher isn't the only one to eye Nintendo's new console as an opportunity to release catalogue products, with the console's portable nature offering something different to consumers. Nintendo itself is porting titles from Wii U, Platinum Games has been teasing Switch versions of The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta II, while indie developers have been quickly re-developing their products for the new format, including Overcooked and Shovel Knight.

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