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Capcom predicts sales for Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter

Lost Planet 2 sales expected to top 3.5 million worldwide

Capcom has released sales expectations for its biggest games of 2009 and 2010 including Lost Planet 2, which it predicts will sell 3.7 million units.

Taking into account sales across North America, Europe and Japan, the company also estimated sales of Dark Void at 1.3 million. Super Street Fighter IV, due for release in spring 2010, is expected to sell 1.1 million, and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles on Wii 800,000 units.

The figures formed part of a first half financial report for fiscal 2010 released by the company, in which strategic goals for the second half of the year were also detailed.

High on the publisher's agenda was the maximising of sales volumes through concentration on its overseas market share.

Through the second half of fiscal 2010, it plans to have overseas titles account for 75 per cent of all sales. It also detailed a focus on its online games business and on digitally distributed add-on content for already released games such as Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV.

These plans include strengthening operations for Monster Hunter Freedom Online on PC and expanding it into Korea, Taiwan and other areas of Asia, and developing game software for online play. Online connections for Monster Hunter Tri have exceeded expectations, it noted, and Lost Planet 2 will offer online play for up to 16 players.

On the digital add-on content side, the company plans to "constantly offer upgrades and earn profits" through additional content distributed through PSN and XLA, as well as introduce new content for games such as Resident Evil 5.

Despite a downturn in Capcom's arcade business, the company's financial predictions for the fiscal year remained unchanged due to "better than expected performance in the home videogames and arcade operations segments."

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