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Can I Play That maker and volunteer team launch Game Content Triggers Database

The platform provides details on game content that may negatively impact a user's mental health

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Can I Play That? creator, GI Game Changer Coty Craven and a cohort of game experts and mental health professionals have unveiled Game Content Triggers Database.

The database serves as a catalog of all the problematic material within titles.

For example, a user can know if a games features spiders and racism about specific communities. Details also include if the potential trigger content can be avoided while playing the title.

"The database was created by a small group of games industry veterans and mental health professionals to catalog the most frequent themes, objects, and VFX in games that can negatively impact a person's mental health."

"We currently have a list of 263 different trigger tags and a launch collection of 30 of the most played games across Xbox and PlayStation, with more PC and Switch games to come soon."

The database currently features 38 games as of writing; Craven and the team aim to grow its entries over time.

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