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Callisto Protocol update restores omitted developers to credits

After leaving ex-employees out of the game's original credits, Striking Distance adds more than 50 new names under "Additional Development"

Striking Distance has updated The Callisto Protocol with the names of former employees who were left out of the game's original credits scroll.

As reported in January, numerous former Striking Distance employees had been omitted from the credits, with five of them telling us they viewed it as punishment from the studio for leaving the project before it shipped.

While there were some former employees in the game's original credits, our sources said there was no consistency to why some made it in and others didn't, viewing it largely as studio management playing favorites.

Our sources estimated around 20 people had been left off the original credits list. The latest update – which arrives alongside a paid DLC package featuring new content – adds more than 50 names to the section where former employees were listed.

That section, which was also renamed from "Miscellaneous" to "Additional Development", originally had 18 names in total.

Striking Distance did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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