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Bungie's Activision game reportedly an MMO shooter

Game allegedly called Destiny, is "WoW in space"

The rumours that Bungie's mystery multi-platform project for Activision would be an online universe have been accentuated by a claim that the game is a massively multiplayer shooter.

Someone claiming to be a former Bungie contractor alleged to games blog Kotaku that the game is to be called Destiny, and is akin to "WoW in space."

The source also claimed that the project was codenamed Tiger, features a bespoke graphics engine and will be a sci-fi title.

In its last round of financials, Activision Blizzard closed down a number of internal studios and franchises, further making Warcraft and Call of Duty the cornerstones of its business, but stressed that it planned to look more and more to online.

The report is purely at rumour stage for now, with neither Bungie or Activision having yet offered comment.

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