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Brian Crecente leaving Polygon

Executive editor with Vox Media's game site leaving after five years to become editorial director for Glixel

Brian Crecente's time with Polygon is just about up. The gaming site's executive editor today posted a series of tweets indicating he will be moving on from the site he helped launch in 2012.

"Packing up my stuff for a last visit to the @Polygon office today," Crecente wrote. Earlier in the day, he had teased that he had big news to share, adding, "That feeling when you're leaving somewhere you love to go somewhere that's amazing."

One possible destination for Crecente is Rolling Stone-owned Glixel, which recently laid off its key staff and shut down its San Francisco offices with the intention of continuing the brand out of Rolling Stone's New York headquarters. Crecente's tweet about his last visit to Polygon included a picture of his laptop, Nintendo Switch and other items, along with a copy of Rolling Stone, prompting some replies speculating that he would be going to Glixel. The New York-based Crecente seemed to confirm that in a follow-up tweet, saying, "No hint is subtle enough when you're dealing with the internet. ;)"

Crecente was a founding editor with Polygon, heading up its news operations from the time of its launch. Prior to that, he was the editor-in-chief of Gawker's gaming blog Kotaku for seven years. Crecente also has a background in hard news, having served as a police beat reported for the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Palm Beach Post, and Rocky Mountain News.

[UPDATE]: Crecente has since confirmed that he has joined Glixel as its new editorial director.

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