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Bethesda drops premium DLC model for Doom

All multiplayer expansion packs will now be free

Bethesda has revealed it will no longer charge for Doom's downloadable content, with all three packs made free as of today.

The change to the game's business model comes as part of a new update that resets multiplayer progress, plus a promotional weekend where the 2016 title will be made available to everyone for free, VG247 reports.

Previously Bethesda was charging £11.49 ($14.99) for each of the three packs, or £29.99 ($39.99) for the Season Pass.

The adjustment is notable because it's the latest example of AAA publishers dropping prices for extra content they previously generated significant revenue from.

Ubisoft has seen great success with Rainbow Six Siege after deciding to make all multiplayer DLC free to its community - something the publisher discussed at length with last year.

Similarly, Electronic Arts has decided not to adopt the Season Pass model for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2, making all multiplayer expansions available to everyone who purchases the game.

While it might seem to be lost revenue, the move makes sense for Bethesda et al. It ensures their communities are not segregated into the haves and have nots, ensuring maximum engagement with any new content developers produce.

Premium multiplayer DLC also acts as a deterrent for potential customers, particularly those looking at picking up a game months after launch. In the case of 2015's Star Wars Battlefront, the season pass for all DLC was just as expensive as the full game, making it a less appealing purchase to any consumers hoping to join friends who already had the complete package.

While more publishers are exploring the potential benefits of free multiplayer DLC, it's unlikely to become the industry standard just yet. Activision, for one, benefits every year from sales of premium DLC packs for Call of Duty - often triggering spikes in retail sales for the parent game - while an expansion pass is being sold ahead of Destiny 2's launch this September.

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