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Battle of Kingdoms

Third closed beta phase to kick off for the multiplayer battler in August.

Battle of Kingdoms, a highly anticipated Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) will be entering its third phase of closed beta on the 8th August 2010, 6pm (+8 GMT).

With the appearance of an additional 13 new heroes to join the crowd, Battle of Kingdoms now offers more excitement to the players.

Not only additional heroes implemented, all features will be available for use, such as the long awaited clan and invasion mode.


Players can now create a clan once they had reached level 10 and recruitment begins upon created. Clans will appear within the clan list for players to view the clan’s motto and vision.


Only players with clans can participate in invasion mode. Invasion is only allowed during the weekends during a specific time for clans to participate.

Every clan can participate in the invasion to gain control of the channel they are playing in.

Once a clan conquered the channels, they will profit from the points spent within their territory.


Different skins can be used by players to decorate their heroes. Skins are only for decoration purpose. No additional effects that will affect the balance of the game.

Point System

Battle of Kingdoms is the only MOBA game that adopts such system, rewarding “hardworking” and skilled players. Points are required to participate in battles. Every battle won will award players with additional points.

Once a player’s available point falls below 200, they can participate in the “Free Channel”, earning points to get back to the “Battle Ground”.


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