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Palzoun's board game licence revealed, with Spin Vector lined up to develop.

Roma, 2009 October 29

It is a long time since the Italian style big western spirit conquered more than half million of players all over the world: BANG! Is one of the most loved and appreciated boardgame all over the world, even out of that refined niche of the most assiduous board-gamers.

Finally BANG! Will be also available as videogame, mantaining the same identity and design, but taking advantage of the electronic version in order to gain in potentiality of the game and amusement, with simpler rules, with a more driving rithm of the play and an extreme multiplatform interaction.

Palzoun Entertainment, Producer of the board-game and partner of daVinci Editrice, firmily believes our country's artistic, creative, technical skills as the best in the world; consequently Palzoun Entertainment has committed the development to an Italian Company: Spin Vector, which is in the forefront of innovative applications between material and virtual.

Palzoun Entertainment and daVinci Editrice choose Lucca Comics & Games 2009 to announce the product development preview.

daVinci Editrice Company produces strategy and family games included the classical BANG!. daVinci proposes its own games, blasoned with a plenty of awards, on the national and international market, through a close net of partners and distributors. DaVinci is considered a leader in the field of Italian games.

Contacts: daVinci Editrice Srl - info@davincigames.com - www.davincigames.com

Palzoun Entertainment is the first and unique italian multiplatform videogames Producer based on a cinematographic business model. The Company acquires licences, conceives projects and IP, finances co-productions, searches strategical partenerships and follows commercial realtionships with international distributors.

Contaats: Palzoun Entertainment Srl - production@palzoun.com - www.palzoun.com

SpinVector is an innovative Italian company that creates high tecnology multiplatform videogames and at the boundary of material and virtual installations. This is the result of a constant tecnological research in the field of 3D computer-graphics, the Augmented Reality and interactivity.

Contacts: SpinVector Srl - info@spinvector.co m - www.spinvector.com


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