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Babel launches new test service for online games

Responding to the needs of the growing online gaming sector, outsourcing specialist Babel Media has launched a new service called Planet Testing - aimed specifically at publishers who require intensive testing of online titles.

Online games have significantly different testing requirements to normal offline titles, with compatibility testing required for a range of different ISPs, hardware and territories - something which Babel can offer thanks to teams of testers spread around the world.

The company can also scale its testing to provide a "real world" test scenario before a title is released, a vital element of the test process in a market growing as fast as the online gaming sector.

"Our online QA service, twinned with the vast experience of our other QA and localisation divisions, makes this a cost-effective solution for our clients," explains Babel business development director Ben Wibberley. "We've been planning this for more than two years, but it's only been with the recent take-up of online multiplayer gaming on PC, console and wireless that makes this the perfect time for us to launch the service."

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