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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood wins WGA award

God of War, Prince of Persia, Singularity lose out

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has been named the latest winner of the Writer's Guild of America best games writing award.

Montreal team Patrice Désilets, Jeffrey Yohalem, Corey May, Ethan Petty, Nicholas Grimwood and Matt Turner were the listed writers for the game. Désilets has, however, recently moved to THQ Montreal.

To be eligible for the award, writers must be specifically credited in the game and pay a $60 annual fee. Big-name titles such as Mass Effect 2 and Read Dead Redemption had not been nominated, due to Bioware and Rockstar declining to be involved with the award.

The award is based on WGA members reading scripts rather than playing the game, with WGA Videogame Writers Caucus chair Micah Wright recently claiming that the length and surfeit of contemporary games made this necessary.

Brotherhood beat out competition from the perhaps surprising likes of God of War III, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Singularity and The Force Unleashed II.

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