Wii titles are biggest sellers this decade

Wii Play outperforming GTA in the US, Wii Fit third best selling game of decade

Three of the top five biggest selling games over the last decade are likely to be Wii ones, according to the latest US sales data from the NPD Group.

The data puts Wii Play in first place as the single best selling SKU since 2000, with more than 11.1 million units of the Wii remote-bundled game sold in the US. The second biggest selling game, GTA: San Andreas, has sold 8.25 million to date.

Nintendo's Wii Fit is also fast catching up with the Rockstar title, with 7.9 million sales, and Nintendo sales and marketing EVP Cammie Dunaway told IGN it's expected sales will have grown further over September despite the imminent release of Wii Fit Plus.

"When we see the September sales, we think that's going to be strong and that'll put us over the eight million mark. And then with October, we'll just have to see."

Just behind Wii Fit is GTA: Vice City with 6.9 million units sold, and a third Wii title - Mario Kart Wii - currently stands in fifth place with 6.7 million units.

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