Wii is 'most played' console

Research claims more people will purchase Wii than other platform, as new titles announced

Nintendo has hit back at industry observers who claim that the Wii is a fading platform, citing an NPD study that indicates that the motion-based console is the most played platform in the US.

Reggie Fils-Aime, hosting the firm's E3 Expo press conference, also claimed that a separate recent study showed that more people were intending to purchase a Wii than any other console.

He also cited last December's sales results, when the Wii broke US records for the number of consoles sold in a single month, while the platform has also sold the highest number of software units since its launch 43 months ago than any other platform in a similar timeframe.

Fils-Aime attributed so-called 'bridge titles' that keep people playing between the blockbuster hits, announcing the launch of Just Dance 2, and a follow-up to Nintendo 64 smash hit Goldeneye, which will be released in November.

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John Bye Lead Designer, Freejam12 years ago
Does anyone know what NPD study he's talking about, as I've not found any mention of it prior to yesterday's press conference. By contrast, Nielsen reported a couple of months ago that the Wii was the third most played console in the US last year (by total time spent playing), behind both the Xbox 360 and the good old PS2. No idea how accurate either group's data is though.
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