Urban Space Squirrels

Xbox Indie puzzle platformer starring a squirrel by the name of Agent 1337.

Salt Lake City, Utah, June 08, 2010 DTA Entertainment presents Urban Space Squirrels, a puzzle platformer involving an incredibly armed and playful squirrel codenamed Agent 1337.

Primary gameplay in Urban Space Squirrels surrounds the deployment of powerful antiparticle bombs. Agent 1337 must utilize these bombs to propel himself to new heights and surpass challenging obstacles. Climbing and gliding powerups discovered in later levels provide additional complexity and entertainment by allowing players to navigate terrain in creative new ways.

A volley of high-wire acrobatic stunts and deadly snares await in this crafty 2D adventure, offering a grand 20 levels to explore. At approximately six hours of gameplay, complete with a tutorial and boss battles, Urban Space Squirrels and its inviting art style are a strong complement to the proud indie development community.

About the Developer

Duct Tape Anonymous Entertainment (DTA) is an independent, all-student company that was founded at the University of Utah in 2010. Urban Space Squirrels was developed in conjunction with the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program.

Contact Information

DTA Entertainment

*coming soon*

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