Starbreeze and EA cancel project

Bourne or Syndicate game canned, but second "big production" still under way

The Chronicles of Riddick developer Starbreeze Studios has confirmed that one of its projects with Electronic Arts has been cancelled.

The game was in the pre-production phase according to the developer. EA signed Starbreeze to work on a game based on the Bourne franchise a year ago, after it picked up the rights to the action series from Vivendi.

The pair have also been collaborating on Project RedLime, announced over two year's ago and believed to be a reboot of the classic Syndicate games.

"We will continue to focus only on a big production together with EA," commented Starbreeze CEO Johan Kristiansson.

"Our relationship with EA is stronger than ever, and the aim now is to spend more resources on the game that demonstrated the greatest potential. This game is already in full production."

In February Electronic Arts said that it was cutting back on the number of titles it would release going forward, and a number of projects in the early stages of development had been cancelled.

Starbreeze said today that it is currently in talks with publishers for other projects and the recent change will not affect staffing levels.

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Dan Griliopoulos Senior Games Writer, Improbable12 years ago
Let's hope it's the Syndicate game they've kept - as unlikely as it is for EA to make use of one its long-loved hardcore franchises, we have to hope. That Vivendi Bourne game was such a yawnfest.
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Richard Leadbetter Director, Digital Foundry12 years ago
But a Starbreeze Bourne game would've been spectacular...
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Barla Von Designer 12 years ago
I hope it's the new Syndicate game because for me, personally, Starbreeze were never the kind of developer that would do the franchise justice.

EA should get a developer like Relic Entertainment (Dawn of War 2, Company of Heroes, etc) to create the game or better still, just give the franchise back to Peter Molyneux at Lionhead.

I also fear that whoever creates Syndicate, it'll be dumbed down for fuck-wits, yes, the console market.

A game like Syndicate should be kept on the PC platform as every other console port of such a game has been mediocre to say the least.
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Stace Harman Freelance Writer 12 years ago
I'll be interviewing Starbreeze CEO, Johan Kristiansson, tomorrow and will try my very best to pry some more out of him. The interview write-up should appear on at some point next week. Watch this space.
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Sean Kauppinen Founder & CEO, IDEA12 years ago
@Barla - Relic is owned by THQ, so it's very unlikely EA would work with them.
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Barla Von Designer 12 years ago
@Sean - EA can do anything they wish with the IP. It makes sense to get the best developers working on such IP, even if they are owned by other publishers.

I fear for Syndicate, just as i do with the new Deus Ex title.

@Stace - I'm looking forward to your interview.

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Feargus Carroll Executive Producer, Krome Studios12 years ago
"EA can do anything they wish with the IP."

Except convince another publisher to allow them to use one it's own developers, methinks.
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Mike Kirsanov Webmaster 12 years ago
Wow wow... Do thay cancelled Syndicate? I was so happy already.. Damn! I think that games like that will be continued by fans in future.
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Roland Rothbart12 years ago
[link url=
Project RedLime is alive! Oh, happy day... :)

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