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Slimline Xbox 360 confirmed

UPDATE: Microsoft confirms UK and Europe release date as July 16

Microsoft has confirmed the existence of the Xbox 360 slim (not its official name), a new SKU of the console that will include built-in wireless N, additional USB ports, touch-sensitive buttons and a proprietary 250GB hard drive.

Neither the new hard hard drive or the power supply will be compatible with older models of the Xbox 360, while support for Memory Units appears to have been dropped entirely. Noticeably absent is a Blu-Ray drive, leaving the next-generation optical media the sole domain of Sony in the console space.

It is believed that the new console is based around the motherboard codenamed Valhalla design, which integrates the IBM Xenon microprocessor, ATI Xenos graphics and memory controller hub onto one chip. The glossy black SKU is pitched as near-silent, and also includes a special socket for the Kinect motion controller.

The new version of the console will be available later this week in the US, for the price of $299. Those wanting the complete new Xbox experience will need to seperately purchase a Kinect add-on, which may sell for $149. Bundles will doubtless be made available.

Remaining stock of the outgoing Xbox 360 Arcade and Elite hardware will both be discounted, to $199 and $249 respectively, and there are rumours that a $199 360 slim SKU may also be released.

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed to that the new model will be available in the UK and Europe for the same price as the existing Elite edition (£199), from July 16 onwards.

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Latest comments (15)

James Finlan Studying Information Systems, University of Manchester11 years ago
Looks very modern, wireless n is a very nice addition and more hard drive space is always welcome. Can't hide my disappointment over the rumours of Kinect (Natal) pricing though, 120 will be ridiculous and will all but kill what could be an exceptional accessory. Same old Microsoft though, price gouging on accessories instead of selling at cost or close and driving marketshare. Short sighted but that is the way Microsoft seems to be run these days, they do not have a single visionary at that company anymore and thier marketing is just so cliched it is plain embarrasing.

Oh and is it just me or do the presenters at this events have all sincerity drained from them before going on stage because dear god that was one horrific presentation to the point where I was grinding my teeth.
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Jeff Wilson11 years ago
I am sure Microsoft have tested this for reliability, quieter running speed and backward compatiblity, but I shall wait and see if this console gets good customer feedback. This new console is very likely to reduce the price of the PS3 Slim 250 Gig too. Brilliant!
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Private Industry 11 years ago
Like they tested the reliability of the original 360?

I like the new design reminds me somehow a bit of Alienware, but the plastic looks kind of cheap. I don`t know why but somehow I don`t like the material compared to other devices at home that also have shiny black plastic.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Private on 14th June 2010 10:51pm

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Benjamin Dixon Studying Computer Games Design and Programming, Staffordshire University11 years ago
I thought the same as you Werner. Especially from the side profile. I may be tempted to pick this up as I haven't owned a 360 yet, however, I am leaning more towards sticking with my PS3 and waiting for the next gen to pick up both as I am more than happy with my PS3 at present.
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Jack Gordon Studying Game Design, Leeds Metropolitan University11 years ago
Judging by the amount of problems most consumers have had with their 360s (me included), I would hope that they are smart enough to fix the issues that caused them. Looking forward to Kinect...not too sure about the new name though!
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Antony Cain Lecturer, Teesside University11 years ago
Why does it look like it's either melted or made out of fabric?

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Antony Cain on 15th June 2010 7:26am

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Gregg Baker Head of Community Strategy, Jagex Games Studio11 years ago
I will be buying it, the new tech, quieter running and bigger hard drive make it an easy choice for me. Its a shame that the current hard drives are not compatible with it though and I hope they bundle some sort of transfer cable with it - otherwise it may put off a few people looking to upgrade.

Time to say bye bye to my Jasper...
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D11 years ago
I just got rid of my Xbox because I was sick to death of the noise coming from the thing. If this one's quieter, maybe I'll be back again.
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 11 years ago
Whilst I'm quite happy with the games I got on my brick box I have to concur with the comments here about noise, it does my head in when I'm playing a game and as you play it sounds like a jet is starting up. (I vacuum around my Xbox and give it plenty of room, about the only thing I can do is to hook it up inside a fridge).

I've never had any technical problems with the brick box though mind you and if they keep this down to a minimum, I have to say the cost is very fair so good on you Microsoft. (This may be balanced out by Kinect though of course).

Whilst I definitely won't be jumping in to purchase this, I'll definite keep it under consideration if tis a period where there aren't really any games coming out.

I'm also very happy they're shipping the hard drive and built in wireless (finally) at the very least. If somewhere like Game did an exchange thing with this like they did with the DS then you know what I think it'll swing me over quicker.

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Pierre Vandenbroucke Assistant de production, Gorgone Productions11 years ago
I have to had my comment about the noise my 360 is doing.
It's sometimes difficult to get into a game, I just can't play and get bored easily. If I copy the game on the hard drive, the quieter game play helps me get involved in the title especially calm games (adventures, point 'n' click, RPGs)

My 360 is less than a meter from my router, so I'm fine with the ethernet, (trying to minimize the radiowaves emissions in my flat. Well, let's forget I can get 12 other wifi access points from my flat...)
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Mike Gregory Territory Manager, Optoma Europe Limited11 years ago
About time.... I canned my 360 as a home entertainment hub due to it being far too noisy.
I love it as a gaming machine and use it as such. (in fact i bought a second one to use when i am working away from home just last week...)
However, i will get a slim and use it with my reasonably high end AV system - as the noise floor of the 'system' will now be low enough to allow me to use it for Last FM, streaming films etc...

Good job Microsoft - just a shame E3 was not 2 weeks ago for me!
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Julian Toseland games podcaster/website 11 years ago
New box looks nice, may tempt me more around xmas time, but Im more shocked at the severe lack of price point, of the kinect, or even an "official" world wide release of it, said only North America, which worries me somewhat.

But I do like this new machine, but do we need one???
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Peter Bond Studying Art & Design, University of Bedfordshire11 years ago
Not bothered anymore, been off the 360 for a year and abit now, as i have been through many rrod's! its just ps3 all the way for me now! 360 is one of the most defective console i have ever experienced in all my time of gaming!... (it doesn't even have internal battery for time and date) - not much of a 'pc in a box' is it?...
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Luis Morales Public relations, Med Mercs11 years ago
Quiet frankly, I don't care. I just had my xbox fixed and is quieter than ever. .......
It's boxie, but good!
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Kareem Karaman11 years ago

This is gonna be a big hit! I can't wait till July 16, so that I'll be able to get my hands on the all new 250 GB Xbox 360 "Slim." All I could say is that it's going to be darn epic! ^o^

P.S - Don Mattrick (Microsoft's Senior Vice President), stunned me when he unveiled the new Xbox. He used the White Xbox 360 as a darn cover or a "decoy" in other words. He blew me away! That was absolute genius! Wow! (Y)
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