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GameStop lists Kinect at $150

Standalone peripheral tops previous 'budget' expectations on US specialist website

US specialist retailer GameStop has listed Microsoft's newly-renamed Kinect peripheral at $149.99 on its website - a reasonable amount higher than the figure of around $50 that was previously thought to have been considered in order to prompt mass market purchase.

While Microsoft hasn't yet confirmed suggested retail prices for the camera-based add-on - which formed the centre piece of its E3 Expo press briefing today - the retailer's listing is the clearest indication yet for the tech, which will be released in the US on November 4.

Meanwhile the site also lists Xbox 360 bundles that include Kinect, with the Arcade SKU costing $299.99 and the Elite SKU pack weighing in at $399.99 - although there's no mention of what the bundles would consist of, nor any sign of the new slim edition of the console unveiled today.

Kinect, previously known as Project Natal, is set to launch alongside 15 titles, including a range of core and family-friendly games.

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