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Outgoing 360 models to see price drop

$149 for Arcade, $249 for Elite in wake of new SKU release

Current versions of Microsoft's Xbox 360 are to be discounted, following last night's unveiling of a new, sleeker model of the console.

The hard drive-free Arcade SKU will be slashed by $50 to $149, reports Dean Takahashi, while the 120GB Elite falls from $299 to $249.

Both models will be sold until current stock depletes, as the new 'slim' 360 uses different power supply and hard drive fittings to the outgoing consoles, as well as ditching support for memory units. More discounts are possible as the old models reach the end of the line.

The new-look 360 will retail for $299, the price of the Elite before this discounting, and as well as being smaller and quieter adds new features such as built-in wireless networking, a 250GB hard drive and a fifth USB socket. A $199 model is also expected, though its specifications are yet to be revealed.

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