Prison Service to ban 18-rated games

10,000 spent on games and consoles by government last year

The Prison Service in England and Wales is to ban 18-rated games from September 30.

Prisoners demonstrating good behaviour will still be allowed access to games, as will those at risk of suicide, reports the BBC.

Under new rules coming into immediate effect, prisons will no longer be able to buy consoles and games, leaving inmates to buy their own hardware and software in the future.

Last year, the government spend over GBP 10,000 on consoles and games.

Only prisoners who have reached an enhanced level on the Incentives and Earned Privileges scheme will get access to videogames.

"For those prisoners permitted to use games consoles in cell, the cost of purchasing consoles and games will rest solely upon the prisoner and will not be met by the taxpayer," said a spokesperson for the Prison Service.

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