Over 140,000 gamers queue to buy WoW Celestial Steed

£17 virtual item expected to generate millions in revenue for Blizzard

Demand for Blizzard's latest virtual items - the Celestial Steed mount and the Lil'XT Pet - has reached unprecedented levels, with queues of 140,000 people forming within hours of the items going on sale.

The two items were released on April 15, with the Celestial Steed selling for $25 on the US Blizzard Store and £17 in the UK.

Within three hours of their release, the queue for the Celestial Steed was seven hours long, according to, with a 140,000-strong queue worth $3.5 million for the one item alone.

In response to concerns that stock of the items would run dry, a Blizzard spokesperson said on the game's official forum that their numbers would not be restricted.

"The number of available mounts is limited in the sense that there is a fixed number of codes available in the store. These codes are not generated automatically with each purchase, instead they are generated separately and then added to the store in batches," they explained.

"The Celestial Steed is not supposed to be a limited time offer only, so we will of course add more codes in case the current batch of codes gets sold out."

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Jeff Wayne Technical Architect 7 years ago
When I joined the queue for it, there was over 70,000 other people ahead of me. The estimated time was about 6 hours but the queue time was nothing like what was estimated at all. In just over an hour, I got in and bought the new mount and pet for my nephew. On reflection, they are worth nowhere near the 20 euro for the mount and 10 euro for the pet, but well my nephew loves them and I'm a little wiser for the next time!
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When the game is that good, I suppose we can forgive Blizzard for overpriced DLC.
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Daniel Leaver Creative Director, Ambient Studios Ltd7 years ago
There's no such thing as overpriced if people are willing to pay for it. There's no harm in setting your prices very high initially with digital goods (since you've effectively only produced one item), getting a few early adopters to buy it at that price, before dropping it lower and lower, milking each price point till you find your mass market price.

Blizzard, however, will do nothing of the sort. That price point means 2 things - rarer in-game (since less people buy it at such a cost), which increases it's value to the customers who did buy it, and the desire to own it for those who haven't yet. The rarer something is, the more awesome - that's MMO culture for you!

Eventually, there'll be sales for a short time, to encourage people to visit the store and browse, but I doubt we'll ever see prices that are deemed "reasonable" when wow is involved.
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Lisa Bisset Key Account Manager, GameLoft7 years ago
140,000 x £17 = £2380000

profit much?
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Sander Stricker Product Manager Games, Sanoma Media7 years ago
I did not expect the WoW community to jump so massively on this, actually expected them to reject it. As far as I know the whole point of playing an MMO and getting the kickass items is so that you are better looking, stronger and cooler then everyone else, you are all this because you did something that other people didn't. In the case of this dressed up pony it just shows that you are willing to spend some money, it does not say anything about your skill in the game.

I wonder what the response will be when Blizzard starts selling ingame gold and elite items.
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Kane Forrester Studying MSc 3D Games Modelling, Staffordshire University7 years ago
A mount is different to Stat enhancing items. I believe if they sell Stat enhancing items at a price it will get rejected. The mount is more a fashion statement than anything else.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 7 years ago
I'm not familiar with WoW so this is all news to me, but is this really that people are paying £17 for an in-game horse?!
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Antony Cain Lecturer in Computer Games Design, Sunderland College7 years ago
"I'm not familiar with WoW so this is all news to me, but is this really that people are paying £17 for an in-game horse?!"

Hehe, I made the same statement to a class, mockingly, only to have 5 of them say they had bought it that morning.

Played it almost religiously for 2 years and never once saw the appeal of mounts, pets and the like. Paying for them is just beyond me
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Kevin Clark-Patterson Lecturer in Games Development, Lancaster and Morecambe College7 years ago

*slaps head*
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Edward Buffery Head of LQA (UK), Testronic7 years ago
I've been playing WoW since the betas and am nevertheless absolutely astounded at these figures! There are lots of rare mounts in the game which look lovely and require either a lot of hard work or a combination of patient farming and/or being very lucky, all of which actually represent some sort of effort involved. I have friends who collect these things with over 100 mounts.

Fair play to Blizzard for working out exactly how high they can set the price for this 1 extra mount and still sell extraordinary amounts of them, but I instantly lose respect for any player superficial enough to buy this and then sit motionless in the middle of town... which is exactly how all the one's I've seen so far have been 'used'. Within a month hardly anyone will be using them anymore.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Edward Buffery on 23rd April 2010 12:29pm

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