Nintendo employees to generate $1.6m each

Figures reveal that the average employee at videogames giant makes more for the company than Goldman Sachs' do

The average Nintendo employee will make more money for their company this year than the average Goldman Sachs employee did in 2007, according to the Financial Times.

Nintendo's 3,000 permanent employees are set produce more than USD 1.6 million in profit each this year, higher than the average Goldman employee did last year at USD 1.24 million.

If Nintendo achieves its net profit target of JPY 410 billion (USD 3.9 billion) this year it will also rival the investment bank’s pre-tax return on equity.

Nintendo's ability to make as much money with as little people as it does was put down to its outsourcing practices. All manufacturing of the Nintendo Wii is outsourced, as are even games titles like Mario Party.

However, Goldman employees were still the highest paid, the mean sum for an employee at the bank last year was USD 660,000, while Nintendo employees made do with just USD 90,900 - the rest went to shareholders.

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