Nintendo: Buy the DSi early to avoid Xmas shortages

Yarnton advises forward planning to avoid repeats of high demand and low stock

Nintendo has advised consumers to buy the DSi early in time for Christmas to avoid stock shortages.

The company's wildly popular Wii console has been plagued with short supply during numerous festive seasons, leaving consumers without must-have presents at Christmas time.

With the new handheld on sale April 3, UK general manager David Yarnton has said that it's difficult to keep on top of demand, and consumers should consider buying the hardware ahead of the busy retail season.

"I always advise people to buy early," said Yarnton, speaking to The Times. "One of the things that people don’t seem to understand is that factories are producing constantly; they don’t peak and trough.

"So we’re producing product all the time, but then everyone wants it all at the one end of the year. It’s just so hard to try and keep up," he added.

Retail is already reporting strong demand for the DSi, which sells for around GBP 149.

As well as multiple bundles on offer in stores, HMV has said it is taking substantial pre-orders of the handheld, while competitor GAME is offering the machine for half price when consumers trade in an older console.

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Des Gayle Director & Game Producer, Altered Gene Limited8 years ago
Soo...if the factories churn out stuff all year round, where does all the stock that people don't buy over the summer disappear to?

Why should people have to be forced into being early adopters when there is no incentive other than having the item secured for Christmas? (A whole 9 months later.)

It's very likely that there will be a new / better colour at christmas that everyone is going to want instead anyway.
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