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HMV already taking "substantial" DSi pre-orders

Toby Burton, senior games buyer, welcomes the new handheld's release as "great news"

HMV's senior games buyer, Toby Burton, has welcomed the announcement of the DSi's April release date, saying "it couldn't have come at a better time for us."

Speaking to, Burton said that the retailer expects a large footfall during the Easter period and the DSi had already brought in "substantial pre-orders", as the retailer ramps up operations to prepare for escalating demand over the weekend.

"Great news from Nintendo," Burton said. "HMV has a massive footfall over the Easter period so this couldn't have come at a better time for us."

"We're all really excited about what we can do with this product in store and are working closely with Nintendo on some great launch day plans. The price will sit very well with consumers, and we'll be communicating the key benefits of the DSi to our customers to reinforce the excellent value of this product."

He explained that consumer demand was already present for the new handheld, and that it was set to expand over the weekend as news of the release date and price spread.

"Interest has been massive, and we're already taking substantial pre-orders in store and through our website," he revealed.

"As product awareness increases over the weekend we have everything needed in store to engage consumer interest and get the pre-orders ringing through the tills."

While Nintendo still plans to sell the DS alongside the newer DSi, Burton says there is a clear market for both models.

"I think the price difference is enough to really give the consumer two clear options when deciding on purchasing a console," he said, adding: "and those that want the core gaming experience but are worried about spending too much money will still come out and pick up the DS Lite as it represents excellent value for money."

"The DSi will instantly appeal to gamers and those looking to upgrade, and I think the excellent new features will really justify to consumers who are buying a DS for the first time that the DSi is well worth the money."

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